CashChem Ltd - Alberta, Canada

We provide a variety of products to keep your crops healthy throughout the season.


Weeds are the most significant pests for agricultural crops because they aggressively compete for nutrients, water, sunlight and space. Get control of weeds during vital growth stages so it your crops can flourish. Talk to us about which herbicides work best for your farm.



Disease like sclerotinia and fusarium headlight can be detrimental to your crop’s health and its potential yield. Protect your investment by proactively applying a fungicide. Let us help you choose the best fungicide to maximize your return on investment. 


 Insects cause havoc on crops leading to spraying and even re-seeding. Let us determine your economic threshold when a foliar application is needed and aid in choosing the best course of action.


Starting the growing season off right begins at the seed level but choosing the right canola, corn and/or forage seed can be tricky with new varieties coming out every year. See us today to find out what variety of canola, corn or forage seed works best for your farms needs.

 Seed Treatments

 Seed Treatment is the first line of defence protecting against seed and soil born diseases. Talk to us about what seed treatment works best for you and protect your crop from the ground up.



 Whether it’s pushing crop yields or giving it a boost after a hail event, micronutrients can deliver essential nutrition to help keep your plants healthy and maximize your results. Ask us how micronutrients might be able to help you take your crop to the next level. 



Inoculant is a critical component in the growth of pulse crops such as peas and beans. It is necessary to help the plant convert nitrogen into a usable form so that the plant will flourish. Talk to us today which inoculants work for your farm and help your pulse crops be the best they can be.

We provide a number of services to help you make decisions and plan for each year. 

 Soil sampling 

Soil sampling is important. It helps farmers make the best nutrition decisions for their crops by telling them what nutrients are left in the soil and what ones need to be improved for the next crop. Talk to us about getting your fields sampled. 



For everyone time is very important and that is no different for a farmer. That’s why we offer complementary delivery to help keep you doing the more important tasks on your farm and get your crop production products to you when you need them. 


 Rebate Guidance 

Figuring out what products work to maximize your grower rebate and estimating what kind of rebate you will get at the end of the growing season is tricky and sometimes time consuming. Let us help you traverse the tricky grower rebates and give you the best advise. 

 Crop Planning 

After a long growing season is over and its time to plan for the next years crop, we can help by going over what worked for you and what didn’t, and we can provide insight to help you plan for next year.

  Crop Scouting

Don’t have time to scout your fields or just want a second opinion on what to do? Talk to us about walking your fields.